Performance Management

Dr. Monica Hetrick

Kristin Bewig
Administrative Secretary

9611 Pulaski Park Drive, Suite 305
Baltimore MD 21220
Fax: 410-391-7260

The Office of Performance Management supports the vision, purpose, and core values of Baltimore County Public Schools, in accordance with the system's Blueprint 2.0. We provide support and expertise to senior leadership, office and school-based staffs, in order to build organizational capacity, to make data informed decisions, and to continuously improve operational and instructional processes and outcomes for the benefit of students.

Our goal is to ensure that all employees:

  • Know the district’s goals and how their work and priorities align to those goals
  • Understand their role in improving students’ academic performance
  • Know how to use data to continuously improve results and make informed decisions about their offices or schools
  • Have the resources and tools necessary to fully achieve goals and monitor, meet and exceed annual and long-term district performance targets
  • Strive to maximize district resources through efficient systems and processes.

We hold leaders and staff accountable for improving schools and offices by providing:

  • A Continuous Improvement Framework that supports the development, implementation, and monitoring of strategic goals, performance measures and targets aligned to Blueprint 2.0
  • Comprehensive Data & Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Mapping & Documentation
  • One-on-One Technical Assistance
  • Professional Development
  • Data Transparency & Progress Monitoring through:
    • Dashboards
    • School Progress Plans (SPP) and Department / Office Scorecards
    • Systemwide Communications & Reports
    • State Accountability and Reporting (Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA)

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