Performance Management

Dr. Monica Hetrick

Ms. Kristin Bewig
Administrative Secretary

9611 Pulaski Park Drive, Suite 305
Baltimore MD 21220
Fax: 410-391-7260

The Office of Performance Management (OPM) teaches schools and offices how to use data so they can improve teaching and learning for all students with actions that can be measured and adjusted as part of a continuous improvement model.

In practice, our work includes the following:

  • Continuous improvement resources that support the development, implementation, and monitoring of goals, key actions, and professional development
  • Comprehensive data and root cause analysis aligned to ESSA and Title I requirements
  • One-on-One Technical Assistance

System Transparency and Progress Management through:

  • Dashboards
  • School Progress Plans (SPP)
  • Department / Office Scorecards

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Cycle of Continuous Improvement Graphic

Ms. Chris Arellano

Ms. Mary Dagen

Mr. Tag Landon