Performance Management

Dr. Monica Hetrick

Ms. Kristin Bewig
Administrative Secretary

9611 Pulaski Park Drive, Suite 305
Baltimore MD 21220
Fax: 410-391-7260

Key Reports

The Office of Performance Management (OPM) supports raising the bar, closing gaps, and preparing all Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) students for the future by building the capacity of schools and offices to engage in a meaningful continuous improvement process. OPM provides assistance and support to senior leadership and office and school-based staff, in order to build their capacity to make data-informed decisions and continuously improve operational processes and equitable outcomes for the benefit of all students. We also deliver reliable, accurate, and timely reporting of system-wide performance on key operational and academic performance indicators in accordance with Policy and Rule 3170.

OPM supports BCPS staff in making data-informed decisions as part of a continuous improvement process by:

  • Analyzing, reporting, and presenting data aligned with system priorities outlined in the strategic plan

  • Providing resources and professional development  to build data literacy

  • Supporting the School Progress Plan (SPP) and Office Progress Plan (OPP) continuous improvement processes

  • Providing technical assistance in accessing and utilizing data

  • Monitoring processes and supports aligned with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)


 Office of Performance Management Core Values Graphic

Cycle of Continuous Improvement Graphic

Ms. Chris Arellano

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