Staff Directory

Division of Research, Accountability, and Assessment
Fax: 443-809-2700
Name Title Phone
Dr. Monique Wheatley-Phillip Chief Accountability and Performance
Management Officer
Ashley Rich Executive Assistant 443-809-0319
Department of Performance Management and Assessment
Fax: 443-809-2700
Name Title Phone
Kevin Connelly Executive Director 443-809-3238
Stacy Jankiewicz Administrative Assistant 443-809-3238
Office of Performance Management
Fax: 443-809-2700
Name Title Phone
Dr. Monica Hetrick Director 443-809-3238
Chris Arellano Coordinator 443-809-3238
Mary Dagen Coordinator 443-809-3238
Tag Landon Supervisor 443-809-3238
Kristin Bewig Administrative Secretary 443-809-3238
Office of Assessment
Fax: 410-391-7260
Name Title Phone
Stacy Shack Director 443-809-3299
Ryan Jones Supervisor 443-809-3299
Portia White Supervisor 443-809-3299
Tony Marcino Specialist 443-809-3299
Sherri Eldridge Representative II 443-809-3299
Robin Fairbank Representative I 443-809-3299
Kristin Bewig Administrative Secretary 443-809-3299
Department of Research and Data Analytics
Fax: 410-238-1596
Name Title  Phone
Dr. Eric Minus
Executive Director 443-809-7821
Christine Faya Administrative Assistant 443-809-7821
Office of Research
Fax: 410-238-1596
Name Title Phone
Dr. Christine Koth Director 443-809-3845
Dr. Rebecca McGill-Wilkinson Coordinator 443-809-3845
Dr. York Bradshaw Grants Specialist 443-809-3845
Dr. Katie Filling Supervisor 443-809-3845
Dr. Jennifer Brodar Research Specialist 443-809-3845
Laura Burgoyne Research Analyst